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5 Bar Beef

"Grass Fed, Ranch Raised, Natural Lite Beef"
All animals offered for sale are bred and raised on the California desert. We have owned this herd of Bar-Zona cattle for over 22 years. No man-made chemicals have been used for the last 10 years, on either the cows or their offspring.

P.O. Box 41 Silverado, California 92676, (714) 749-5717.

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Pete Zarnowski, started this loggers rally seven weeks ago. Pete is a 25 year resident of Montana working in the Logging industry the whole time. "With the rules of the Forest Service regulating the small loggers into oblivion there is no place for me here any more. The forest needs my skills and those of the other loggers to make the forest sustainable and productive. This crisis is a war of attrition concerning regulations, which are ruining the economy and the health of the forests in many areas of our nation. This cannot go on indefinitely. There will be a confrontation. It is inevitable. The human hardship is not just perceived, but real. It is not tomorrow. It is NOW!! "

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