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The purpose of MonTana BUSiness .COMmunications is to provide a place for MONTANA - Businesses, Artists and Craftspeople to advertise their products and services on the Internet.

The Internet is not just for big business. If you have thought you were too small, did not have the time or money or were not computer literate, MonTana BUSiness .COMmunications provides the solution to your Internet advertising concerns. If you can fit your product in a shipping carton, an envelope or provide your service via telephone, fax, data exchange or travel to your customers location you can benefit from the Internet.

Statistics show that the World Wide Web (WWW) grows at a fantastic rate, doubling in size about every 60 to 90 days. Statistics also show that 60% of those on the WWW have a bachelors degree or higher and therefore a higher percentage of disposable income. By visiting MonTana BUSiness .COMmunications site they have pre-qualified themselves as buyers because they are looking for you. There is no other way you can reach the world for so little, starting at $25.00 per year.

MonTana BUSiness .COMmunications is a full service business. Using your pictures and text our professionals in the field of WWW Site Creation will create your advertisement and WWW pages.


MonTana BUSiness .COMmunications professionally Submits our site, and can also submit your site to various search engines, BBS's, classifieds, etc. Don't spend thousands of dollars just to be lost in the black hole of cyberspace on the Internet. Let MonTana BUSiness .COMmunications be your Internet Advertiser. For more information and prices contact MonTana BUSiness .COMmunications between 8:00AM and 7:00PM Mountain Time Monday through Friday at 800-889-2839 or E-mail or write anytime. Thank You

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