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5 Bar Beef

"Grass Fed, Ranch Raised, Natural Lite Beef"
All animals offered for sale are bred and raised on the California desert. We have owned this herd of Bar-Zona cattle for over 22 years. No man-made chemicals have been used for the last 10 years, on either the cows or their offspring.
P.O. Box 41 Silverado, California 92676, (714) 749-5717.


For Sale by owner-operator, Bucyrus Erie 30B 4 axle Transit Crane with 52" pipe boom, 24" tires and wheels,Gentry Grapple,Hydraulic outriggers,Plantery final drives, Air controls, Cummins upper,Allis Chalmers powered Pierce carrier,3 drum system,Serial Number 123899 800 889 2839 Lyle Pluid Logging, 1075 West Road, Eureka MT 59917


Pete Zarnowski, started this loggers rally seven weeks ago. Pete is a 25 year resident of Montana working in the Logging industry the whole time. "With the rules of the Forest Service regulating the small loggers into oblivion there is no place for me here any more. The forest needs my skills and those of the other loggers to make the forest sustainable and productive. This crisis is a war of attrition concerning regulations, which are ruining the economy and the health of the forests in many areas of our nation. This cannot go on indefinitely. There will be a confrontation. It is inevitable. The human hardship is not just perceived, but real. It is not tomorrow. It is NOW!! "

RealDeal presents Monthly Flat Rate Long Distance at $59.00/month.

Because of the many customers of long distance services that RealDeal has with the big blocks of minutes used by their customers each month, RealDeal is now offering a flat rate long distance program. This allows the customer to cut his/her long distance bill. This works especially well for people who are actively building a home-based business with any association.

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LINCOLN COUNTY ALL NATURAL STUFF CO-OPERATIVE is a domain registered to All Natural Stuff Co-Operative of Lincoln County Montana. Montana-Grassroots is a County wide group of Farmers, Ranchers, Woodsmen, Small business entrepreneurs and Artists that have formed a non-profit Co-Operative as a marketing arm for products grown and manufactured here in Northwest Montana. These products are organically grown and mineral enhanced foods such as meats, grains, herbs, natural berry preserves and also wood products harvested from timber that grows here. We also feature value added specialty items packaged here such as gourmet portions for restauraunts and original art and crafts.Welcome to our online Catalog. Please bookmark the front page and come back often. As we grow our stock of food and other products will change daily.


PulsePower battery chargers improve battery life up to10 years by eliminating Memory Effect, plus other features that safely extend battery life. They even bring back to life batteries that were thought to be dead. PulsePower FULL CHARGE chargers are the answer to expensive battery failure problems by protecting against overcharging, overheating, and Memory Effect!P.O. Box 334, Eureka Montana, 1-800-889-2839.

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Distributed by SLC Distributing,P.O. Box 116, Eureka Montana, 1-800-889-2839, Software with ability! -- Affordability that is! This suite of software could easily cost $150.00 in a store. John's Software Picture Viewer alone is worth the $39.95 price, plus you get Audio CD Player, Midi Player, Task Tray - CD Eject Software, Fiancial Calculator, File Finder, and an Investment Program, all for one low price. Try it before you buy it. Download FREE TRIAL at link on this website! Picutre viewer has JPEG compression and croping built in. Easily convert GIF to JPEG without spending a fortune, and at lightening speed.

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